Thursday, October 26, 2006

The jacket progresses

Between working on dolls, taking and teaching classes I'm working on this jacket. It really is coming along nicely and will be quite nice when finished, I hope. Mostly I hope that my sister in law likes it. Here are some more pictures of front, back and both sleeves.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

bargello piece finished and ready for back of jacket

As you can see the bargello is finished. It measures 22" by 23" and will be most of the jacket back. You can see how all the seams made it much smaller that the picture before. Now on to another type of manipulation.

Another day on the jacket.

Today I got a reprieve. A couple of ladies were going to come to see my dolls and perhaps place an oerder. Marva is a realtor and got an appointment for today so she can't come but we scheduled for next week. She already owns i doll and wants 2 more.

So I get to work on the jacket. I finished sewing the strips for bargello, pressed it and cut the strips to make the pattern which you can see.This is before these strips are sewn together. You will see that soon but this shows the start of the pattern. I also added some prairie points to the pleated piece and it will get beaded next. So back to sewing. The other things you see are on my design wall waiting for me to work on them

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Mesquite retreat

We all had a wonderful time at the retreat in Mesquite, NV. One hundred fiftly women all sewing away; some on quilts or a mystery quilt. Some were doing other fiber arts and some were taking classes. I was working on dolls most of the time and had many interested people watching. I took commissions for two dolls and sold one outright. I also took a poinsettia pillow class and love the pillow. I will be teaching it to members of my other quilt club in November. Here is a photo of my finished pillow.