Sunday, October 12, 2008

finished, I think

Cher Chu taught another miniature quilt class at our quilt room yesterday. This is a little quilt that she miniaturized from a full size pattern. I think that I finished it by today. I do believe that's a first. It is also embellished with Swarovski crystals.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Craft fair

The craft fair was good. There were lots of vendors and many very nice things. The only problem was that there were many vendors with the same types of items, such as glass works, bags, kit and crocheted things. I was happy with my sales and didn't go crazy with purchases so that was good. ;-))

Friday, October 03, 2008

Our E-Belles project

Before our summer break the Embellishment leader challenged us to do petals for every member of the group using what we know about each other to design the petals and she gathered all of them all (fifteen from each person) and put them together into flower pillows for each of us. It was so fun to get them back and to see all of each other's work on our pillows. Here is my pillow.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

still more new bags

I think that I will quit making bags for awhile. My dolls are beckoning. Here are my latest.

Art Quilt class

Valerie and I took an art quilt class with Janett Rice at Mary Ashcraft's studio. Here is my small challenge quilt. We each chose an 8"x8" square of fabric and had 45 minutes to gather "stuff" and put together an art quilt. I got mine all assembled and glue basted. Everything still needs to be stitched on , it needs to be hand quilted and edges finished but I'm happy with what I accomplished in 45 minutes. Then we worked on our own art quilts. I got mine all laid out using an old pieced background that I made when practicing inserting circles. It, too, still needs to be finished. So little time!!!

More craft fair items

Yep, there are still more items that I'll have on my table at the craft fair. They have been fun to make but I really have to let things go. No more room!!! So I have everything priced quite reasonably to move them. Art is good but have to charge what the traffic will bear.

More things in the craft fair

Still loading photos of my items in the craft fair.

getting ready for the craft fair

I've been very busy this lately getting ready for the craft fair in which I'm participating this year. It has bee lots of fun but I'll be glad when it's over because I have MANY things to get at next.