Sunday, August 31, 2008

RR doll goes home

Our latest RR is nearly over. This doll is ready to go home this week and I should also get my doll home. It is always so exciting to get that box in the mail!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

to be auctioned off

This project was really great!! Some of us were invited to dress a donated discarded mannequin using all recycled stuff. Each one will be auctioned off at a fund raiser honoring our former mayor, Jan Jones.Jan has been active in various projects supporting teachers in Clark Co. (Las Vegas).

This is Audree. Her costume started out with an old discarded man's dress shirt. The skirt, vest and bag are made from an old drop cloth. I left the paint spots because I thought that it added interest. The hat is from a discarded floral shop plant basket with the edge turned up and then decorated to match the outfit. Her shoes are a pair that I dug out of my charity bag and decorated with some left over quilt binding and some old earrings from my mother's junk jewelry box. The leaves were from a discarded vine, She wears an old broken pearl necklace from the junk jewelry box. The trim on her outfit is from leftover fabric from another project, leftover binding from a quilt, an old celluloid button, a scrap of ribbon and small bits from an upholstery sample. The large flower on her bag is from last year's window display.Audree is almost completely dressed using recycled stuff. She stands about 5 ft. tall. I really enjoyed doing her up. I hope that she brings lots of money for teacher's supplies.

I'm a retired teacher and know how much of their own money teachers spend to supplement lessons and class materials each year.


When I needed a mini-project for my turn at the doll club I designed these dolls from wool felt, stitched them and we embellished and finished them at the meeting. They are intended to be used as greeting cards. Each will carry a small bag into which a small message can be placed. They were so fun to make and everyone had a good time!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Round robin doll moves on

This happy little guy left my house for S. California. At first he was a difficult one to start but once he started talking we went to town!!! I added arms and hands, a jacket and scarf.


Well the secret's out. My secret sister confronted me after showing this one to some other quilt club members. I have made her a miniquilt each month and she just couldn't hold it in any longer so here is the August piece.

Monday, August 11, 2008

fun flat doll

It was my turn to lead the club in a mini-class on Saturday and I wanted to do something original and that could be started in our short class time. After stewing over it I drew up a flat doll pattern and constructed a couple of samples out of some yummy wool felt. I cut and sewed up 25 flat dolls and shoes so I'd have enough for everyone. I still have some that I'll make up as gifts in the future. Here is one of my samples. Everyone had a good time getting started so I can't wait to se their finished flat dolls at our next meeting.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The last doll goes away

Here is the last doll to be sold and traveling to one of Alice's daughters. I hear that she's into antiques so hope that she likes this reproduction made from Tanya Greb's pattern

Monday, August 04, 2008


We just had a wonderful 3 day class from Mimi Winer. The entire 3 days was spent on making a pretty face. However the techniques learned could apply to any type of face. We did the presewing at home and brought heads ready to stuff to class. After we stuffed it we needle sculpted the head learning some great new techniques. Then we put on a cotton stretch fabric overlay And more stuffing under the overlay to make it look like you choose using the loose batting and doing more needle sculpting. We ended the 3rd day with coloring the face and learning 3 techniques for wigging the head. It was a full 3days and we each only completed one head but everyone was happy with the results. If you get a chance go for the class!!!!