Monday, August 04, 2008


We just had a wonderful 3 day class from Mimi Winer. The entire 3 days was spent on making a pretty face. However the techniques learned could apply to any type of face. We did the presewing at home and brought heads ready to stuff to class. After we stuffed it we needle sculpted the head learning some great new techniques. Then we put on a cotton stretch fabric overlay And more stuffing under the overlay to make it look like you choose using the loose batting and doing more needle sculpting. We ended the 3rd day with coloring the face and learning 3 techniques for wigging the head. It was a full 3days and we each only completed one head but everyone was happy with the results. If you get a chance go for the class!!!!

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Karen Mallory said...

What a wonderful time! It is so great that Mimi is out there teaching again!
hugs Karen