Thursday, December 28, 2006

Ostrich showgirl

My ostrich showgirl from Natalie Hamade internet class is finished and ready to go out for New Years Eve in Las Vegas. She is so fun!!!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

old dolls

I love the old dolls that I played with as a child. Now I'm going to help another person enjoy a doll from her youth. I'm selling this doll to her. Isn't she a beauty?

Quilt finished, too

Being laid up allows me to finish some projects anyway. Here is a picture of another quilt that I got binding on this week. Now I'm working at finishing up my Ostrich Showgirl from Natale Hamade class. You will love her. This quilt is from Miriam Gourley's book.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I don't have a cast. I have a brace to keep everything lined up in my ankle but I can walk on it as much as the amkle will allow.
And I can take it off to shower. It's hard to remember what it's like to bathe in a sink. But because I was off my feet for a week I got a quilt bound. All I had to do is hand sew the binding on. I can do that without walking. So here it is. Or at least part of it. As you can see it is tesselating cats.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

still sitting

Yep, I'm still sitting in a wheel chair or on crutches. Several more weeks I guess 'til I'm on my feet again. DRAT!!!

Posting some photos from our family get together in Salem, OR from which I was traveling home when I broke my ankle.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

still here

Yikes, it goes on. I'm still sitting here in my wheelchair!! And my studio is not set up to accomodate this. Getting things with which to work is extremely hard as I have used my space to the max. So quit whining. It could be so much worse!! I am going to try to work today.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Oh what a trip

Here I sit in a wheel chair having broken my ankle at the Portland, OR airport. I was in Oregon to be with my kids and grandkids for a holiday visit. It was fabulous until I headed home. I go to the orthopedic guy next Monday to see what's next. I'm in a splint now. And I had a panic attack last night due to tightness on my leg. I just wanted to take that thing off!!! NOW!!! Well I got over it by loosening the splint around the calf of my leg.

I can't go to my mom's where my sisters and brother will be ;-(( but I will take it easy in December.

I have to get well for Dorit's class in January!!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Party, party

It's the season for parties and we do them well. Today we had the Embellishment Belles party at Diane's house. Gret food, lots of desserts and fun gifts!!!
I didn't want to open mine because the box was so beautifully done!!! But when I did I got a beautiful hand decorated frame with a nice holiday greeting. I'm so happy!

Also got dolls ready for a buyer. These are the ones she wants to go with the one hanging from the chandelier that she purchased before.

Now to finish putting together a quilt top. It will be a busy night!!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Oh what a day

Just spent a delightful day in Boulder City with good friends. The Doodle Bug bazaar was good this year. I found a wonderful hand crocheted shrug for my mom. What do you get a mom??? But I think this will make a hit.

Of course we made our required stop at Fiddlesticks quilt shop and had lunch at the little tea house. We love Boulder City. It's about 25 miles from where we live in Las Vegas so we regularly make a day trip to the only small town around. Fun, fun, fun!!!!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

more jackets (click on image for larger picture)

I just added boa trim to one of the jackets I designed and made so dsecided to add a couple of my jackets today. I make the backs so interesting that viewers want to see the front, too. ;-))

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

more scarves (click on image to get a larger picture)

I finished two more scarves today. These are gray wool decorated with blue velvet, crysrals, feathers,fur. One is a long scarf and one is shorter for more formal look. Take a peak.

Monday, November 27, 2006

some of my old dolls (Click on images to enlarge them)

Although I prefer to make more contemporary and art dolls I do love the old ones, too. These are a few who like to sit on the bed in the guest room.

A rose and other things (click on pictures to enlarge them)

So here is the rose.

My friend, Valerie made this wonderful Santa. Hie robe is from an old quilt and his beard is buttons strung on pretty yarns.

And this angel was made by another friend and given to me. I'm so lucky!!

quilts and other stuff

I'm putting quilts on the beds and refolding others so am including a few of the quilts that I have made. The bright one with lots of detail was so fun. I made it while also teaching it at our quilt club. note all the techniques including paper piecing, applique, postage stamp borders in both 1 inch and 1/2inch blocks,etc..

The blue ragamuffin quilt is very special. My mom embroidered all the ragamuffins (12) and gave them to me for xmas a couple of years ago. I did the rest.

And of course the Christmas quilt.

And look at the rose braving the cold weather. Beautiful roses still blooming outside the dining window.
Oooops!! The red doll was given to Diane. I still have Mr. Man who is wrapped in mink. ;-))

Gifted doll

This trash to treasures doll was given to Diane who is hosting our E-Belles group holiday party.

They meet!!

Pete the pirate and the holiday princess finally meet outside of my studio!!! I bet he's offering all his loot?? What do you think?

secret sister gift

I just finished a scarf for my secret sister. It has a brown wool outside, inner part is soft fabric with a faint Asian twist and it is decorated with animal print velour, crystals and feathers at one end. It can either drape or one end can be tucked into the loop for a more formal look. I hope that she likes it.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

whimsical stuff

I'm kind a collector of Natalie Hamade stuff. Soon she'll be too well known and I won't be able to afford them. I have a display of her things that are mine now around an upside down chair with dolls climbing all over it. The chair won 2nd place in the chair contest at Las Vegas Art Stamps here in Vegas. It's all rather whimsical, don't you think??

Sewlutions doll completed for Dollstreet

Here she is!!! I think that she is ready for the holiday season and she does have an attitude!!! She will be on Dollstreet Cristys on auction as requested by Deb who sent the torso and one arm to begin with. TADAAA

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Oh, oh

Boy did I mess up. Only two of that last five were sold at the Showcase. The others were sold in October. Hopefully I'll get this straightened out soon, or not.

I sold 4 items at the Artists Showcase

I took part in an Artists Showcase last Saturday and sold four items. Three dolls, Big Mama, a gourd doll, a fairy dioll and 1 of the trash to treasures. And one handbag with cats on it. That's 12 items in October and November. Not too shabby but now who knows when the next sales will come. hmmm.

Here's a picture of Pete the Pirate. He was in the show but didn't sell. He will go to one of my sons for Christmas.

And more photos

I knew that you wanted to see the rest of my progress so here are the other things. Then to get back at waiting projects.

We had a great Thanksgiving dinner with my husband's sister and her husband. And we got to take home some leftovers. They are the best!!

So haven't decided if I'll go out among em for that big day after Thanksgiving shopping day. We'll see.

Catching up on the last 10 days

Wow, it has been a busy and productive week and a half. I made 5 new trash to treasure dolls for the Artists Showcase in which I participated last Saturday, made tree new scarves, made two new pillows, taught two classes and made up kits for 35 participants and made a fun big Santa pillow. In addition, I went on the shop hop hitting all the quilt shops and having lunch at a delightful new tea house in Boulder City with four friends. I love being busy and getting things done, too.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Silver Dollars

What fun we had today. Fran gave a workshop on wig making. I've been waitinbg a year for that class!!!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Dolls sold in October

I was so lucky, I guess. I sold 8 dolls on October and without trying. I sold one, Hortensi at the Desert Quilters Retreat. I sold 4 after the retreat. I sold 3 from the trunk show I did for the Stevens college Alumnus meeting. Next Saturday I'm participating in another art show so could sell more. Although I need the room I love every doll that I make. But if someone else likes them I'm happy.

Shop hop 2006

Today 4 of my friends and I did the annual shop hop. What fun but a full day. We had lunch at a wonderful little tea house in Boulder City. Of course that is our favorite place to play outside of Vegas. The quilt shop, Fiddlesticks is a favorite, too. We filled the trunk of my car with things we HAD TO HAVE. Now to find room for it in our very full stashes. And we vowed that we were not going shopping, just hopping. We are lucky to have 6 very nice quilt shops in and near Las Vegas. I haven't shared any quilts here but I will. Now I'm tired and we have another Doll Club meeting tomorrow. This time it is the Las Vegas Silver Dollers. And we are going to meet at Maurine's house. What a day it will be to see all of her art. We are also having a class on wig making by Fran Meehan.

Later I'll tell you about our Hello Dollies group. We have 4 of the best doll teachers in the country coming to teach the Dollies this year. YIPEEEEE!!

my two latest dolls

I took workshops with Vida Williams so I could play with my friends and I have a group of the BEST!!! These dolls are not my everyday thing but I have to say I really enjoyed making them and they won't go away real soon. They are somewhat primitive but dying fabric for them and their garments was fun. And the one in black is so cuddly.

Hortensia is sold

I really learned to like this doll although I didn't when I started at EDAC last summer. Now she is sold and going to be a holiday gift for Diane's mother. I'm sure that I will make another

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The jacket is done and goes to Joan today

I got the jacket done just on time. Joan comes to Vegas today. I put the Saworski crystals on the upper back last night. Now I hope that it fits her!! More later.