Friday, November 10, 2006

Shop hop 2006

Today 4 of my friends and I did the annual shop hop. What fun but a full day. We had lunch at a wonderful little tea house in Boulder City. Of course that is our favorite place to play outside of Vegas. The quilt shop, Fiddlesticks is a favorite, too. We filled the trunk of my car with things we HAD TO HAVE. Now to find room for it in our very full stashes. And we vowed that we were not going shopping, just hopping. We are lucky to have 6 very nice quilt shops in and near Las Vegas. I haven't shared any quilts here but I will. Now I'm tired and we have another Doll Club meeting tomorrow. This time it is the Las Vegas Silver Dollers. And we are going to meet at Maurine's house. What a day it will be to see all of her art. We are also having a class on wig making by Fran Meehan.

Later I'll tell you about our Hello Dollies group. We have 4 of the best doll teachers in the country coming to teach the Dollies this year. YIPEEEEE!!

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