Friday, June 26, 2009

entry hallway

Here you can see what the entry hall looks like. One photo of each side as you enter.

More photos as the house comes together

We have slowly been getting the house together. The master bedroom and guest bedroom still have not been completed. More photos when they are ready. Here you can see Marv's new television, more of the great room, looking into the kitchen from the great room, better photos of the sitting/reading room.

Friday, June 12, 2009


I posted the wrong picture. Here is the picture of my going away pindolls.

more studio stuff

Here you can see the bathtub full of UFO's each in its own large plastic bag. Also on one part of the design wall are the pin dolls that my Las Vegas dollmaker friends made for me and presented to me at the wonderful going away dinner that they planned for me. In addition you can see my collection of Diane Little dolls.

casita ready to use

I've been eager for this day. I can finally work on my various arts in the casita. Most of my supplies are stored in shelving units in closets in the house or in cabinets in the garage. However, the casita closet is full and some things like beads and sewing supplies are stored in the casita/studio. Here you can see how it looks from various views.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

More Photos

Here are some more photos of the house. There are 2 views of the breakfast room and 2 views of the adjoining kitche. Also, the den has turned into a reading room with some dolls and quilts in there. Still more pictures will be coming.

New house photos

Okay, here they are. This is a start of photos I took today of some of the rooms in the new house. More to come.

Friday, June 05, 2009

my collection

I collect Diane Little dolls and want to share my 2 latest. AND I love Nancy Gawron's critters so I got one of her donkeys in the deal. Nancy and Diane collaborated on some creations and I was lucky enough to win this combo in the banquet bidding. YAY!!!!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Creations in Fiber

WOW!!! I just returned from CIFI, the doll conference that all doll makers would love. With the help of my 2 teachers, Jean Bernard and Sherry Goshon, here is my completed doll. There are so many techniques and products that I learned about in the class that I'll be busy just trying them out. The other classes turned out fantastic dolls as well. The face on this doll is a molded face that Sherry furnished with the kit. I just had to paint it. Thanks for looking.