Monday, March 12, 2007

Doll RR

I just finished my part on a new RR doll. I just love her hand blown glass shoes and head. Since I have her first I had to choose from many options in trying to make her into a Victorian lady as requested by her owner. Should I make Victorian under garments, or a fabulous plumed hate, or a fancy evening bag, or a filmy lacey blouse or a skirt to start her out? I chose the skirt. I couldn't hide those shoes so made the skirt shorter in the front so the shoes will show when she is hung on the wall. Of course she had to have a bustle. She has several more doll makers to visit so I can't wait to see her completed.!!! Here she is so far.


Yvette said...

This RR looks like so much fun!
I love those shoes!!

She is looking good!

Shashi Nayagam said...

She is fantastic and I am still regretting on missing out on this one.