Tuesday, January 01, 2008

paper quilt

I'm having sooo much fun with my new machine, the felting embellisher. I'm making a paper quilt after seeing the challenge in 'Cloth, Paper, Scissors. The top is pieced from colored tissue paper. Dumb ol me. I sewed all the strips together thinking bargello. Well, DUH!!! The tissue paper is not friendly to taking seams out so I had to just sew my strips back together. Well paper doesn't give like fabric so the corners aren't really meeting.

I pinned some Hobbs 80/21 batting to the quilt top. Then using the embellisher I attached multicolored fun yarn to add texture and to take the eye away from those corners. After that I attached black silk leaves and multicolored silk flowers again with the embellisher. Now I'm ready to put the fabric backing on and free motion quilt it.

After that I'll add buttons or beads in the flower centers and bead the rest of the quilt. Then the binding making the little quilt exactly 12"X12".

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