Tuesday, July 01, 2008


This wispy little doll will be traveling this summer as part of an adventure where the dolls travel from one person to the next where she will be photographed and give out gifts. Then she will go to the next destination where she will again visit places of interest, be photographed and give out gifts and on until she comes home to share her loot with her maker. Fun, huh??


Anonymous said...

Wow sounds like a fun idea, but how would you know if the doll would reach back, if people would reeally give gifts, and if at all they do, how would you ensure all the loot reaches you while it changes hands with so many people in between[:o] Great fun concept though [:D]

Karen Mallory said...

I almost signed up for that swap but didn't think I had time plus I don't have a color printer and would have to get all the photos at the store photo machine.
Your doll is great Yvonne. Love how you used the hankie!
hugs Karen