Wednesday, February 18, 2009

getting itchy fingers

Oh My!!!! I am really missing all of my stuff!! I packed all of my fabric, patterns, artistic stuff and sewing machines away to show off the large office that I've been using as my studio. I cleared away all of my doll collection and those that I've made, too. The house really looks nice but I need something to work on. ;-(( Well we go back to Arizona tomorrow to make arrangements to get things done so we can move into the new house. Luckily my son and his wife live nearby so they can help with facilitating all of the projects, like fence, patio and courtyard, window coverings, appliance deliveries, painting. When we finally move down it will be a surprise to us, too. Hopefully a good surprise. LOL I'll post photos when we return of the house as it stands now. Until next time-----

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Natalie said...


I just read your blog, you Go Girl!!!
How wonderful for you. Make sure to keep in touch and Best of Luck to you with your move...

Love and Kisses,