Saturday, September 19, 2009

tutorial for making TP roll ornaments/bracelets

This is a fun and easy project. Look at an empty toilet tissue roll and you will see a swirling seam. Tear the roll open on that seam and you can pull the ends and the roll will spring back. Using a pinking scissors cut a generous strip right out of the middle the long way leaving 2 pieces on either side. Using clear drying glue, German glass glitter and micro beads cover the inside of the ornament. Now roll it back into another empty roll and set aside to dry. I usually let them set over night. Remove the ornament from the roll and cover the outside again using clear drying glue, glitter and micro-beads. Once again roll it back into the empty roll to dry over night. You will probably want to do some touch up when you remove it from the roll and can add more of whatever you want at this time. Punch a hole in it with an awl after determining where it will hang best. insert a ribbon and it's ready to hang wherever you want to add some glitz or bling.

If you want you can also make bracelets in the same manner that just roll around the arm and are inexpensive glitz for that night on the town. For bracelets I just paint the inside with gold or silver arilyc paint following the same steps.

I use Grrrip glue and German glass glitter and micro-beads that I order on line. However, any clear drying glue and and regular glitter will work for the ornaments.

I'm working on some other things using the German glass glitter and micro-beads but they aren't ready to share yet.

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