Sunday, July 11, 2010

Soo far behind

Sorry, I'm so far behind in posts!!!! So will attempt to do a quick catchup here. It is hot and sultry here in AZ so a good time to stay inside. I'm posting some photos recalling some of what I've been up to. Going back to May when I attended CIFI with some gal pals. I will post picture of my class doll made in Arley Berryhill's class. Learned some new techniques. Also did Jean Bernard's internet class doing doll tiaras. Will show more and describe as I go along.

Since we moved to Sun City Anthem at Merrill Ranch I've also become busy starting a new Fiber Arts club and joining a new doll club, The Fabric Floozies so will try to update happenings with them as well as the other art I'm doing on my own.

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