Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dolls, Dolls, Dolls!!!

I went to EDAC, Enchanted Doll Artists Conference, in Albuquerque this month and took a wonderful 3 day class from Gloria Mimi Winer. So many new techniques!!! The dolls, the classes, the free miniclasses, The hotel, the food were all great so get ready to go next year. You can't beat the reasonable cost and the teachers are tops.

Now to show you a couple of round robin dolls that will be making their way to the next person. Remember that I'm in 3 round robins so who knows which belongs to which group.

The first one came as a stump doll with no garments. I gave her an elegant dress all decorated with diamonds/saworski crystals. LOL

The next one came carrying his head which the poor thing is still holding. I gave him elegant shoes to go with his outfit. I hope that someone attaches his head!!!!

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