Saturday, August 04, 2007

Easy finger turning


Using the stretch Pimatex on Natale's pattern really makes the fingers turn magically and will likely work well on even smaller fingers.

Another tip that really helps is this and keep your YUCKS to yourself until you try it.

You have the largest tube that will fit in the finger and the tiny rod ready to push gently on the top of the finger.

Make sure that you have doubled fabric under the rod or place it on the seam line with seam line separated.


Now the YUCK part that makes it so easy to turn. Touch your pointer finger to your tongue getting it lightly wet. Do a quick wipe of the finger with your thumb and with wet finger and thumb gently push the finger fabric up the rod. Okay, you can have a dish of water nearby but the tongue works fine.

Now the finger is inside the unturned hand. Finish the other fingers and thumb. Now with your hemostat grab onto all the fingers in the hand pulling them out the wrist or arm.

Using your thin KELLY hemostat gently push up into each finger smoothing it and use the hemostat to smooth open the hand or arm ready for chenilles or pipe cleaners and stuffing.

Yup. You did good!!!

Thanks Diane and Mimi.

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